• Your Camaro Deserves Only The Best In Aftermarket Vehicle Parts

    <p>There are few things in this world that can match the thrill of holding the keys to your very first classic or muscle car. Something about the design, sound, and power of sports cars that were born during the Golden Years of muscle cardom is unlike anything that has come since, even miracle machines like the Tesla S. Those cars had a shape and rawness that made them extremely satisfying to drive, which explains why they still have so many fans to this day!</p><p>Here at Elite Engineering, we’re proud of the fact that we’re “gearheads.” We carry specialized aftermarket vehicle parts that help to fuel others’ enjoyment of cars like the&nbsp;<a href="">Pontiac GTO</a>,&nbsp;<a href="">Corvette</a>, and of course the&nbsp;<a href="">Chevy Camaro</a>.</p><p>Whether there’s a Camaro sitting in your garage, you just put the Camaro at the top of your list of “someday” classic cars, this blog is for you.&nbsp;</p><p>Keep reading to discover some things you probably didn’t know about the iconic Chevy Camaro as well as the way that Elite Engineering helps you keep the flame alive with premium aftermarket vehicle parts.</p><h3>Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Chevy Camaro</h3><ol><li>The Chevy Camaro was introduced to the world on June 28th, 1966 and its sole purpose was to give Chevrolet a car that could beat the Ford Mustang.</li><li>It wasn’t always called the Camaro. While it was in development the car was referred to as the Panther (and 1,999 other potential names).</li><li>“When pressed for what was meant by “Camaro,” Chevy claimed that the word was found in an old French-English dictionary and meant “Friend, pal, or comrade,” reports <a href="" style="background-color: initial; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, Verdana, Tahoma, sans-serif;">Robbins Chevy</a>.</li><li>The event at which the Camaro was announced is considered to be the world’s first large-scale teleconference.</li><li>According to photos unearthed at Chevy, there was almost a station wagon version of the Camaro (which would have ruined everything).</li><li>The International Race of Champions used nothing but Camaros from 1975 until 1989, which is why we have the IROC-Z.</li><li>Early Camaros were built on the same chassis as the Chevy Nova (which makes us like the Nova a little bit more).</li><li>In 1970, you could buy a basic Camaro, brand new, for less than $3,000.</li><li>The 2016 Camaro, the sixth iteration of the classic muscle car, has a four-cylinder engine for the first time in 30 years.</li><li>The V8 engine option on the 2016 Camaro has three radiators, one in the conventional position, and two smaller ones on either side.</li><li>The roof of the newest Camaro is laser-welded in place. This eliminates the need for unsightly plastic strips to cover the weld or hand finishing.</li></ol><h3>New Or Old, All Camaros Deserve Aftermarket Vehicle Parts From Elite Engineering</h3><p>No matter whether the older Camaros have your heart, or you can’t wait to sit in the driver’s seat of a brand new Camaro, there’s no denying that this vehicle is part of America’s muscle car history. If you’re working to restore an original one, or simply want to make sure you keep your new one in perfect shape, Elite Engineering has the aftermarket Camaro vehicle parts you need.&nbsp;<strong></strong><a href="">Shop our full selection today!</a></p><iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>

  • Fuel Your Love Of The Pontiac GTO With Our Aftermarket Vehicle Parts!

    <p>If you’re a classic car lover under the age of 40, you probably first learned about the GTO’s beauty and brawn in the famous Beach Boys song:</p><p><em>“Little GTO, you're really lookin' fine</em></p><p><em>Three deuces and a four-speed and a 389</em></p><p><em>Listen to her tachin' up now, listen to her why-ee-eye-ine</em></p><p><em>C'mon and turn it on, wind it up, blow it out GTO.”</em></p><p>What would make this famous musical group dedicate an entire song to what was (at the time) merely one sports car among many? To answer this question, we must delve deep into the roots of muscle car history. Keep reading to learn some facts about the life and death of the Pontiac GTO, as well as how aftermarket vehicle parts from Elite Engineering can help you keep your very own “little GTO” lookin’ fine.</p><h3>1964: The GTO Was America’s First Muscle Car</h3><p>Despite the fact that cars that drag racing was “officially” out of vogue at the time, the early 60s were a time when many car engineers were looking for ways to beef up performance and house it in a sexy frame. Initially, the GTO wasn’t its own car at all, but an upgrade package that could be purchased for the Tempest LeMans. In case you’re wondering, GTO stood for “Gran Turismo Omologata” and was often referred to as “The Goat” or “The Great Once” for short. Suffice to say, people loved it, and the GTO became a much greater success than Pontiac ever thought possible.</p><h3>1966: The GTO Gains Its Independence</h3><p>It would take two long years before Pontiac took the GTO seriously. Finally, in 1966, the GTO stepped out of the LeMans’ shadow and became its own model. Fans were stunned by the coke bottle shape, special 389 ci four-barrel V8 dual exhaust, advanced shock absorbers, and front stabilizer bars. America LOVED it. GTO sales skyrocketed and competitors like the Chevrolet Chevelle and the Dodge Charger were left in the dust.</p><h3>1969: The Year Of “The Judge”</h3><p>Three years later, the Pontiac GTO was still one of America’s favorite muscle cars. It’s somewhat ironic that during this, what some consider to be the last golden year for muscle cars, the GTO reached its pinnacle with a model that became known as “The Judge.” Featuring an Endura bumper, Ram Air III engine, Rally II wheels, a Hurst shifter (with unique T-shaped handle), wide tires, and a rear spoiler, the Judge was surprisingly affordable for its time. </p><h3>The GTO Lives On With Aftermarket Vehicle Parts From Elite Engineering!</h3><p>Even though Pontiac that new models of the GTO would no longer be manufactured in 2006, America’s love for its original muscle car still lives on. If you’re the proud owner of a classic GTO (or even one that came a few decades later) Elite Engineering has the GTO parts you need to keep “The Goat” in fantastic working order. Shop our full selection of&nbsp;<a href="">GTO aftermarket vehicle parts</a> online now.&nbsp;</p><p>As always, check out our&nbsp;<a href="">customer gallery</a> and&nbsp;<a href="">contact us</a> with any questions you may have!</p><iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>

  • Vehicle Parts: The First Generation of Corvettes

    <p><img src="/product_images/uploaded_images/dreamstime-14408712.jpg"></p><p>We absolutely love Chevy Corvettes at our vehicle parts store, which features a variety of Corvette aftermarket parts. Today, we would like to look back at the history of these beloved American cars.</p><h3>The Man Behind the Corvette</h3><p>June 30, 1953 marked the completion of the first ever model of the Chevrolet Corvette, complements of Harley J. Earl. Earl grew up in the automobile business because his father owned a shop that customized cars for movie stars. Quickly developing a talent and a passion for car design, Earl signed on with General Motors in 1927. Initially commissioned to redesign the LaSalle, Earl began designing Buicks as well. </p><h3>The Emergence of the Corvette</h3><p>As the 1950s marked a time of great economic expansion for the auto manufacturing industry, Earl became a chief designer for General Motors. According to hearsay in 1951, GM sought to create a sports car with a similar price point to a sedan, which was unheard of at the time. Up to the challenge, Earl incorporated affordable parts and components into an auto design.</p><h3>The First Corvette</h3><p>Prior to the Corvette, cars were constructed mostly out of steel. Previously, fiberglass auto bodies were believed to be fragile, but Corvette tests proved that theory to be wrong. In 1953, the first Chevrolet Corvette emerged into the marketplace, featuring a fiberglass auto body design. The Corvette could also reach speeds of up to 150 horsepower, making a mark in American sports car history. </p><h3>The Official Debut</h3><p>The official unveiling of the Corvette occurred at the New York Auto Show, named after a class of corvette warships renowned for their speed. Featuring a crisp white exterior contrasting nicely with a lush red interior and a black top, the Corvette turned heads. Each car featured an automatic transmission and a “blue flame” six cylinder engine. With only 300 cars in production, the Corvettes quickly sold out.</p><h3>Introducing V8 Engines</h3><p>Although the second edition of Corvettes featured a wider selection of colors, sales struggled due to its V6 engines, which were considered below standard. In 1955, Chevrolet finally released Corvettes with V8 engines. This engine evolved even further in its 1956 edition, which featured a three speed manual transmission. Not only was the 1956 Corvette more visually appealing, but it also featured some nifty features such as outside door handles and power windows. The new engine allowed for the car to finally be used for racing events in Daytona.</p><p>Corvettes made from 1953 to 1962 were known as the C1 generation of Corvettes, and they set the foundation for future generations of Corvettes to come. From 1956 to 1961, only minor changes were enacted upon the Corvette, but 1962 marked a significant change. In 1962, Chevrolet enhanced its “small block” V8 engine, which was beloved by car enthusiasts for generations to come.</p><p>The C1 generation was just the beginning for Chevrolet Corvettes, which are still staples as American sports cars. Our auto body parts store features many Corvette aftermarket parts, so check out our selection today!</p>

  • Vehicle Parts: The Corvette C2 Generation

    <p><img src="/product_images/uploaded_images/dreamstime-xxl-13297896.jpg"></p><p>In our last blog, we discussed the early years of the Chevrolet Corvette, the C1 generation. We would love to continue on into the C2 Corvette generation, which spanned from 1963- 1967. One of the most famous Corvettes emerged from the C2 generation, the “Sting Ray.”</p><h3>1963</h3><p>Well into a new decade, a new generation of drastically different Corvettes emerged. General Motors Design Chief created a much longer front end, which looked like an entirely different car in comparison to the C1 models. This shocking contrast earned the C2 Corvettes the nickname, “Sting Ray.” Featuring artificial hood vents and a bar splitting the rear window in half, some of the 1963 exterior features were labeled as unnecessary.</p><h3>1964-1966</h3><p>Once the new exterior was established, the designers eliminated the phony hood vents and the center bar in the rear window. Instead of focusing on the Corvette exterior, the designers focused on improving the car’s engine performance. In 1964, the engine horsepower increased to 300 hp, and in 1965 Chevy built a “big block” engine. Unfortunately, the big block engine quickly gave way to more advanced engine options after only a year. </p><h3>1967</h3><p>In 1967, Chevy produced one of its most in-demand collector models featuring a “L88” option. Extremely expensive, the “L88” option included up to 500 horsepower and was targeted towards the race car market. In fact, Chevy built only 20 of these Corvettes, transforming these cars into collector items.</p><p>The C2 generation produced some sleek, stunning Corvettes. Our aftermarket auto part distributors love Corvettes, and we include a wide selection of Corvette aftermarket parts. Check out our online auto parts store today!</p>

  • Vehicle Parts: Our Favorite Corvette Aftermarket Parts

    <p><img src="/product_images/uploaded_images/dreamstime-14068913.jpg"></p><p>In the early 1950s’, Chevrolet revealed their newest creation at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City, the Corvette, forever making an impact in the automotive industry. The Corvette quickly gained a following as a beautiful and powerful race car, and became a staple as an American dream car.</p><p>Here at Elite Engineering, we love little red Corvettes as much as you do! We sell many <a href="">Corvette aftermarket parts</a>, including oil catch cans and custom car pedals. Let’s explore the different ways you can upgrade your Corvette with our select vehicle parts:</p><h3><a href="">Aluminum Custom Car Pedals</a></h3><p>We offer a quality alternative to cheaply made, one-size-fits-all pedal covers with our aluminum dead pedals. Crafted out of aircraft quality aluminum, these pedals completely replace your original pedals. Featuring raised edges, these pedals offer excellent grip for your feet, which is great for speedier drivers on and off the track!</p><h3><a href="">Aluminum Gear Shifter Knob</a></h3><p>Designed specifically for 2005+ and Z06 Corvettes, this shifter knob is easy to install. It features an ergonomic Fin design that is both lightweight and solid, giving an excellent grip during races. Perhaps the best feature is that it lacks an insert, which means that it will never come out of your hand during a race!</p><h3><a href="">EZ Catch Can</a></h3><p>Many customers approached our online auto parts store, requesting a design for a larger catch can, and we listened! Inspired by our original 3-stage catch can, we manufactured a larger catch can with additional benefits. This catch can features a larger 3rd stage, and it is available with one or two exit ports. With roughly 30% more volume than our original model, this catch can can also be completely disassembled for cleaning.</p><p>Elite Engineering features a great selection of Corvette Aftermarket parts for you to use, so <a href="">contact us</a> with any questions you may have about your favorite race car today!</p>

  • Vehicle Parts: Our Favorite Camaro Aftermarket Parts

    <p><img src="/product_images/uploaded_images/dreamstime-xxl-4773574.jpg"></p><p>Chevy Camaros and Ford Mustangs have been rivals in the car world for a long time, and as auto aficionados, we love both machines for different reasons. However, today our online auto parts store would like to focus on the Chevy Camaro and its unique history and characteristics.</p><p>Originally, the Chevy Camaro was named the Chevy Panther, but the company replaced that name in favor of the Camaro so that the name would begin with the letter “C.” The name originates from an informal French term for friendship, similar to the Spanish word, “compadre.”</p><p>Right away, people loved this sexy racecar, and sales took off! Featured in NASCAR and the Indy 500 as both competitor cars and pace cars, the Camaro is a racecar favorite.</p><p>Our online auto parts store features many different <a href="">Camaro aftermarket parts</a> for your favorite racecar. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite Camaro vehicle parts below:</p><h3><a href="">C7 and Camaro Window Valet</a></h3><p>If you have a Camaro convertible, this is an essential accessory for you! You’ll never have to jump back into the car to raise the windows after the top is already up! With this remote control, you can lower the windows on a hot summer day before you even enter the car, letting out some of the heat. </p><h3><a href="">Camaro Passengers Side Seat Handle</a></h3><p>Why settle for an unattractive stock side handle for your passengers? We feature these sleek side handles in red, black, silver, and chrome. Have your passengers ride in style!</p><h3><a href="">Camaro Tunnel Brace</a></h3><p>Specifically designed for 2010 and newer models, this creates clearance for larger exhaust pipes. This solid black tunnel plate adds tension to your car’s chassis.</p><p>Contact our vehicle parts store today to learn more about our Camaro aftermarket parts, and check out our other auto body parts for sale today!</p>

  • The Power Of Window Valet

    <h3></h3><p style="text-align: center;"><img src="" width="160" height="126" style="border-width: initial; border-style: none; transform: rotate(0rad);"></p><p>In most cases, the notion of an aftermarket part rolling your windows up and down seems unnecessary;&nbsp;"Why&nbsp;would I pay money for an action I do daily?" The list of benefits that Top Down Tech offers for its technology makes the investment well worth it! If you are looking for quality aftermarket Corvette parts (and now Camaro aftermarket parts!) then read on! Below is the run-down on what you can expect from this tiny package:</p><h3>Window Control From Your Key Remote</h3><p>The ability to elevate and lower glass from afar brings more convenience than one might think. For one, your ability to get in and out of tight spots will be far more superior with the option of rolling the windows out after the vehicle has been parked and secured. You can also put the top up on your convertible and elevate the windows at your remote convenience. The most obvious plus of Window Valet is the option of cooling the car interior off before you have to suffer the heat. You can also vent the windows by pushing the ‘Up’ button when the windows are already rolled up. Adversely, you can roll that window up when raindrops start to fall.</p><h3>Power Unlock Assistance</h3><p>Doors become more user-friendly with this little piece of technology. Putting your prized possession in park or activating the parking brake causes the doors to unlock. This is one more fancy feature to increase your car’s value.</p><h3>Low-Key Alarm Chirping</h3><p>A valuable add-on is the 3 subtle beeps or chirps that sound from your vehicle when tampering occurs. Someone pulling on the handle will hear the beep and let them know of your car’s advanced security features.</p><h3>Easy Install</h3><p>One of the most exciting aspects of this technology is its convenience to install and use. The plug fits perfectly into your diagnostics port located beneath your steering wheel. Once installed, follow the instructions and you’re good to go!</p><p><br>We know you love your car. Now your car can love you back with the convenience and ease of Window Valet. Visit our store today to see this and other aftermarket parts including Dodge, Ford, and Corvette. Elite Engineering USA is your online auto parts store authority for quality aftermarket parts for your loved automobile.</p>

  • The Basics of Oil Catch Cans

    <p>Many people are unsure of what oil catch cans are. Ask someone who doesn’t know much about automobiles or aftermarket car parts and they are sure to guess that an oil catch can is something you put under your car when you are conducting an oil change in your garage, in order to prevent any oil from spilling on the ground. While this is a great guess, it isn’t accurate at all. So let’s talk about what an oil catch can actually is and how it works.<img src="" style="font-family: Arial, Helvetica, Verdana, Tahoma, sans-serif; font-size: 15px; color: rgb(49, 49, 49); float: right; width: 416px; margin: 0px 0px 10px 10px; background-color: initial;" alt=""></p><p>The purpose of an oil catch can is to take the material being sent out through the PCV valve, and separate and collect the oil that is present, allowing only air and vapors to re-enter the intake manifold. When you prevent oil from getting into the intake manifold, you are saving it for the job it is meant to do: lubricate rather than burn.</p><p>In cars that have turbochargers, the oil catch can plays an even more important role. They are used to prevent the blow by of oil. The purpose of this is to make sure dangerous situations do not occur like the coating of couplers or the fins inside the intercooler. In the simplest terms, without an oil catch can, you are likely to fry the inside of your turbocharger.</p><p>If you are in the market for an oil catch can, Elite Engineering specializes in this necessary part for your vehicle. We offer the highest quality parts and are able to ship them directly to your mechanic should you wish. Take a good look at our collection today and choose the right one for you and your car.</p>

  • The Pros of Purchasing Aftermarket Car Parts

    <p> We aren’t going to sugarcoat anything for you: aftermarket car parts have their critics. If we are being completely honest, we’re not really sure why some people love to attack the practice of adding things to your car that will make it better. In our personal opinion, aftermarket car parts have many benefits. Below you can discover just a few of them.</p><ol> <li> <h3><strong>They are not extremely expensive.</strong></h3><p> <img src="" alt="" style="font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: normal; font-size: 15px; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, Verdana, Tahoma, sans-serif; width: 320px; float: right;"></p></li><p> If you had lots of disposable income, you likely would have bought a $250,000 vehicle that came with all the bells and whistles in the first place.However, as people who can afford a Ferrari are few and far between, some people just have to buy what they can afford at the time and then continue to make it better the longer they own their vehicle. This is one of the best things about aftermarket parts. You can add them to your car as you can afford them and because they are affordable, they don’t take years to save up for. </p><li> <h3><strong>They are offering in very high quality versions.</strong></h3><p> In many cases, your aftermarket part could work even better than the part you originally started with when you purchased your car. For example, if you want higher performance and don’t mind an extra bit of brake noise, you can install aftermarket brake pads and gain that speed and high quality execution you are looking to get out of your vehicle. </p></li> <li> <h3><strong>You will have a ton of options to choose from.</strong></h3><p> There are so many aftermarket parts you can choose from once you decide you want to start putting more money into your vehicle. Regardless of what sort of part you are looking for, variety is available, meaning you can get the best part for the best price always. </p></li> <li> <h3><strong>You can find them many places.</strong></h3><p> You can truly walk into any establishment that sells auto parts and find a part that will fit your car. This means that even if you have a more expensive part you are saving for, you can try out a trial version of something cheaper to make sure you are heading in the right direction to render the results you want out of your car. </p></li></ol><p> We have a great selection of aftermarket car parts at Elite Engineering. Our online store is sure to have at least one thing you are looking for and we can ship it to you in no time at all!</p>

  • Your Online Aftermarket Car Parts Store

    <p> <img src="/product_images/uploaded_images/dreamstime-xl-7881156.jpg" style="width: 410px; float: right; margin: 0px 0px 10px 10px;" alt="">If you love cars like we love cars, then you are probably always looking for the next way you can make your car phenomenal. At Elite Engineering, we are always looking to provide you with such. While we could offer a number of exterior aftermarket parts that anyone could install on their vehicle, however, we choose to appeal to customers who are a bit more savvy and a bit more serious when it comes to the type of parts they want to install. You won’t find mud flaps and floor maps busying up our online store. Instead, you will find the very best in aftermarket parts for the makes you love the most: Dodge, Ford, GTO, Camaro and Corvette.</p><p> These automobile manufacturers provide the very best and reliable in vehicles and we provide the same, only in additional parts for your vehicle. So what exactly do we have to offer? Let’s find out!</p><h3><strong>Oil Catch Cans</strong></h3><p> From standard oil catch cans to PCV catch cans and all of their accessories, we have a large variety for you to choose from. An oil catch can will make sure that you are getting the absolute most out of the performance parts which have already been installed in your car. Rather than allowing harmful oil to build up in your turbocharger, intake manifold, piping or intercooler, you can know your parts are clean as your new oil catch can will prevent this outcome by separating the air from the oil, eliminating build up.</p><h3><strong>Specific Make Parts</strong></h3><p> If you’re driving a car made by a manufacturer that cares about quality and longevity, chances are we have parts that make your vehicle even better than it is currently. Shop custom brake and gas pedals as well as runner plates, panel rails and more in our online store right now!</p><p> What’s the best part about shopping at Elite Engineering online? Not only can you get your aftermarket parts at affordable prices but we can easily ship your purchase to your local body shop to save you time and effort. Our overall mission is to provide the very best and easiest service that our customers have ever experienced. Check out our selection today and find out what you have been missing up until now when you do!</p>