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The Basics of Oil Catch Cans

Posted by Elite Engineering on

Many people are unsure of what oil catch cans are. Ask someone who doesn’t know much about automobiles or aftermarket car parts and they are sure to guess that an oil catch can is something you put under your car when you are conducting an oil change in your garage, in order to prevent any oil from spilling on the ground. While this is a great guess, it isn’t accurate at all. So let’s talk about what an oil catch can actually is and how it works.

The purpose of an oil catch can is to take the material being sent out through the PCV valve, and separate and collect the oil that is present, allowing only air and vapors to re-enter the intake manifold. When you prevent oil from getting into the intake manifold, you are saving it for the job it is meant to do: lubricate rather than burn.

In cars that have turbochargers, the oil catch can plays an even more important role. They are used to prevent the blow by of oil. The purpose of this is to make sure dangerous situations do not occur like the coating of couplers or the fins inside the intercooler. In the simplest terms, without an oil catch can, you are likely to fry the inside of your turbocharger.

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