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The Power Of Window Valet

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In most cases, the notion of an aftermarket part rolling your windows up and down seems unnecessary; "Why would I pay money for an action I do daily?" The list of benefits that Top Down Tech offers for its technology makes the investment well worth it! If you are looking for quality aftermarket Corvette parts (and now Camaro aftermarket parts!) then read on! Below is the run-down on what you can expect from this tiny package:

Window Control From Your Key Remote

The ability to elevate and lower glass from afar brings more convenience than one might think. For one, your ability to get in and out of tight spots will be far more superior with the option of rolling the windows out after the vehicle has been parked and secured. You can also put the top up on your convertible and elevate the windows at your remote convenience. The most obvious plus of Window Valet is the option of cooling the car interior off before you have to suffer the heat. You can also vent the windows by pushing the ‘Up’ button when the windows are already rolled up. Adversely, you can roll that window up when raindrops start to fall.

Power Unlock Assistance

Doors become more user-friendly with this little piece of technology. Putting your prized possession in park or activating the parking brake causes the doors to unlock. This is one more fancy feature to increase your car’s value.

Low-Key Alarm Chirping

A valuable add-on is the 3 subtle beeps or chirps that sound from your vehicle when tampering occurs. Someone pulling on the handle will hear the beep and let them know of your car’s advanced security features.

Easy Install

One of the most exciting aspects of this technology is its convenience to install and use. The plug fits perfectly into your diagnostics port located beneath your steering wheel. Once installed, follow the instructions and you’re good to go!

We know you love your car. Now your car can love you back with the convenience and ease of Window Valet. Visit our store today to see this and other aftermarket parts including Dodge, Ford, and Corvette. Elite Engineering USA is your online auto parts store authority for quality aftermarket parts for your loved automobile.