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Vehicle Parts: Our Favorite Camaro Aftermarket Parts

Posted by Elite Engineering on

Chevy Camaros and Ford Mustangs have been rivals in the car world for a long time, and as auto aficionados, we love both machines for different reasons. However, today our online auto parts store would like to focus on the Chevy Camaro and its unique history and characteristics.

Originally, the Chevy Camaro was named the Chevy Panther, but the company replaced that name in favor of the Camaro so that the name would begin with the letter “C.” The name originates from an informal French term for friendship, similar to the Spanish word, “compadre.”

Right away, people loved this sexy racecar, and sales took off! Featured in NASCAR and the Indy 500 as both competitor cars and pace cars, the Camaro is a racecar favorite.

Our online auto parts store features many different Camaro aftermarket parts for your favorite racecar. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite Camaro vehicle parts below:

C7 and Camaro Window Valet

If you have a Camaro convertible, this is an essential accessory for you! You’ll never have to jump back into the car to raise the windows after the top is already up! With this remote control, you can lower the windows on a hot summer day before you even enter the car, letting out some of the heat.

Camaro Passengers Side Seat Handle

Why settle for an unattractive stock side handle for your passengers? We feature these sleek side handles in red, black, silver, and chrome. Have your passengers ride in style!

Camaro Tunnel Brace

Specifically designed for 2010 and newer models, this creates clearance for larger exhaust pipes. This solid black tunnel plate adds tension to your car’s chassis.

Contact our vehicle parts store today to learn more about our Camaro aftermarket parts, and check out our other auto body parts for sale today!