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Your Camaro Deserves Only The Best In Aftermarket Vehicle Parts

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There are few things in this world that can match the thrill of holding the keys to your very first classic or muscle car. Something about the design, sound, and power of sports cars that were born during the Golden Years of muscle cardom is unlike anything that has come since, even miracle machines like the Tesla S. Those cars had a shape and rawness that made them extremely satisfying to drive, which explains why they still have so many fans to this day!

Here at Elite Engineering, we’re proud of the fact that we’re “gearheads.” We carry specialized aftermarket vehicle parts that help to fuel others’ enjoyment of cars like the Pontiac GTOCorvette, and of course the Chevy Camaro.

Whether there’s a Camaro sitting in your garage, you just put the Camaro at the top of your list of “someday” classic cars, this blog is for you. 

Keep reading to discover some things you probably didn’t know about the iconic Chevy Camaro as well as the way that Elite Engineering helps you keep the flame alive with premium aftermarket vehicle parts.

Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Chevy Camaro

  1. The Chevy Camaro was introduced to the world on June 28th, 1966 and its sole purpose was to give Chevrolet a car that could beat the Ford Mustang.
  2. It wasn’t always called the Camaro. While it was in development the car was referred to as the Panther (and 1,999 other potential names).
  3. “When pressed for what was meant by “Camaro,” Chevy claimed that the word was found in an old French-English dictionary and meant “Friend, pal, or comrade,” reports Robbins Chevy.
  4. The event at which the Camaro was announced is considered to be the world’s first large-scale teleconference.
  5. According to photos unearthed at Chevy, there was almost a station wagon version of the Camaro (which would have ruined everything).
  6. The International Race of Champions used nothing but Camaros from 1975 until 1989, which is why we have the IROC-Z.
  7. Early Camaros were built on the same chassis as the Chevy Nova (which makes us like the Nova a little bit more).
  8. In 1970, you could buy a basic Camaro, brand new, for less than $3,000.
  9. The 2016 Camaro, the sixth iteration of the classic muscle car, has a four-cylinder engine for the first time in 30 years.
  10. The V8 engine option on the 2016 Camaro has three radiators, one in the conventional position, and two smaller ones on either side.
  11. The roof of the newest Camaro is laser-welded in place. This eliminates the need for unsightly plastic strips to cover the weld or hand finishing.

New Or Old, All Camaros Deserve Aftermarket Vehicle Parts From Elite Engineering

No matter whether the older Camaros have your heart, or you can’t wait to sit in the driver’s seat of a brand new Camaro, there’s no denying that this vehicle is part of America’s muscle car history. If you’re working to restore an original one, or simply want to make sure you keep your new one in perfect shape, Elite Engineering has the aftermarket Camaro vehicle parts you need. Shop our full selection today!