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Ordered a stainless coated tunnel plate from the good guys at Elite in January. Received an email from them stating that they were in between production runs and that mine would be shipped in a bit over a week. I wasn't in any hurry and the ship date was fine.

My GM Master Card arrived a few days after the email from Elite for January's billing but no charges from Elite. The charge from Elite has appeared on my February statement, the month of SHIPPING my tunnel plate. I've ordered many-an-item on-line and have had to wait for the shipment but have always been billed the date of order.


Not only do they make great, practical products at fair prices but they charge you when the item is shipped.

The tunnel plate was first rate with no problem on install. The temperatures are cooler around the console area and there is an added feeling of rigidity to the body on my 2k1 vert. (Jacking pucks are first rate, too!)

If you haven't bought anything from these people, get on the phone right now and order anything just for the pleasure of seeing things done the right way!

Elite Engineering has my business locked in. I just installed (35 minutes) the new C6 gas and dead pedal set. Very high quality materials and workmanship. The easy to follow online instructions and 'over the top' photos each step of the way made the install a breeze. Thanks its!!

I just got home and your tunnel plate was waiting for me. I opened it up and - my God, this thing is gorgeous! What a shame to hide this thing under the car! The C5 logo CNC'ed into it is awesome! Even my wife gasped when she saw it and mods don't usually impress her.

Fantastic job! And I'm a picky mechanical engineer - even my tooling and fixtures have to look cool, I'm so picky. Really, you will have no problem selling these. I'm emailing pics to all my C5 buds and telling them to order one.

It looks totally awesome too! I really hate to cover it up. You should have made it a little less It feels 10 times more solid than the flimsy stocker. There is no doubt in my mind that this thing is going to stiffen the car significantly.

OH yea, finally a no vette tax vette product,,, YOU GUYS ROCK! I know that lots of people are getting rich from the "if you own a vette, you have money " and charge just like that. For instance, look at these guys jacking pucks,,,,what a deal compared to the other prices..I bought some of the clip in plastic ones form a major vendor, what pieces of junk,,,ended up making my own rocker rails for less than 30 buck with pucks attached....I will support any vendor that can make a good product cheaper and offer it to us....

I installed the "abs of aluminum" this weekend and am VERY pleased with the results I gained. Less squeaks and moans from the chassis and a more planted feel.

...... mod definitely makes me feel better about the Vette and giving it that SOLID feel. For $130.00, best mod I have done yet to the vette. .....

My red jacking pads arrived today. All I can say is....."job REALLY well done." The pads are very well finished, almost too good looking to use and mark up! The quality of CNC and anodizing is more than I would have expected for the price. THANKS GUYS AT ELITE! I'll never lift my car without them! You can use my comments as an unsolicited endorsement if you wish.


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Product fit perfectly, and I CAN feel the difference. As others have reported, the car feels more composed over bumps and generally feels tighter.

The big test for me was the end of my driveway, where my dash usually creeks a little (Steep driveway - I have to come in sideways, and if I come in from the right, I actually lift the right rear off the ground briefly.

No creeks after the install.

Great product, and great guys to deal with.

Your responsiveness is extraordinary. What else do you sell? Do you have a print catalogue or an e-mail update list, because if you do, I want to be on the list.

Great job guys. Thanks for filling a spot in the market. These prices seem very reasonable. Hope you sell a ton of units!!