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If you love cars like we love cars, then you are probably always looking for the next way you can make your car phenomenal. At Elite Engineering, we are always looking to provide you with such. While we could offer a number of exterior aftermarket parts that anyone could install on their vehicle, however, we choose to appeal to customers who are a bit more savvy and a bit more serious when it comes to the type of parts they want to install. You won’t find mud flaps and floor maps busying up our online store. Instead, you will find the very best in aftermarket parts for the makes you love the most: Dodge, Ford, GTO, Camaro and Corvette.

These automobile manufacturers provide the very best and reliable in vehicles and we provide the same, only in additional parts for your vehicle. So what exactly do we have to offer? Let’s find out!

Oil Catch Cans

From standard oil catch cans to PCV catch cans and all of their accessories, we have a large variety for you to choose from. An oil catch can will make sure that you are getting the absolute most out of the performance parts which have already been installed in your car. Rather than allowing harmful oil to build up in your turbocharger, intake manifold, piping or intercooler, you can know your parts are clean as your new oil catch can will prevent this outcome by separating the air from the oil, eliminating build up.

Specific Make Parts

If you’re driving a car made by a manufacturer that cares about quality and longevity, chances are we have parts that make your vehicle even better than it is currently. Shop custom brake and gas pedals as well as runner plates, panel rails and more in our online store right now!

What’s the best part about shopping at Elite Engineering online? Not only can you get your aftermarket parts at affordable prices but we can easily ship your purchase to your local body shop to save you time and effort. Our overall mission is to provide the very best and easiest service that our customers have ever experienced. Check out our selection today and find out what you have been missing up until now when you do!